COVID-19 Plan

COVID-19 demands an urgent response, especially as it continues to impact us here in Delaware. That's why Larry proactively helped to organize the last three COVID-19 testing sites in our 7th district. He also provided masks, gloves and thermometers to local daycares.

As your state representative Larry will advocate for:

  • A Medicaid buy-in option to ensure that every Delawarean has access to affordable healthcare.
  • An emergency paid leave policy so working people avoid having to choose between a paycheck and their health.
  • Support older adults and those concerned about COVID-19 by ensuring all health care workers and assisted living staff have adequate personal protective equipment.
  • Incorporate teacher input for school reopening plans.

Economic Opportunity

As co-chair of Delaware’s Living Wage Coalition, Larry worked with politicians in Dover and across the state to advocate to increase the minimum wage, but we can still make more progress. Raising wages and strengthening labor protections translates into more money being spent on goods and services, creating more jobs, and stimulating the economy.

  • Institute a “living minimum wage” that is pegged to increase automatically with changes in cost of living and inflation.
  • Abolish the exploitative “Youth & Training Wage” which unfairly punishes workers.
  • Fight “right to work” laws at every opportunity, and stand by our labor unions.
  • Eradicate the gender wage gap.
  • Expand effective workforce development programs into our 7th District, like the Delaware Pathways to Apprenticeship (P2A). It can potentially connect our young people to the many years of building development that will happen on the 425-acre Claymont Steel site and the $380 million dollar investment in the Edgemoor Port.

Providing equal access to quality education

The value of education has been a constant theme in Larry’s life. Larry, a former teacher of twelve years, and the first of his family to graduate college, believes that all of Delaware’s children deserve a quality and equitable education, from pre-k to university

  • Strengthen the SEED Scholarship Program so that it is available for more students.
  • Work to institute statewide universal pre-k and childcare programs.
  • Change Delaware’s funding formula for schools to better meet the needs of our students.
  • Work toward establishing free public college.

Criminal Justice Reform (Safe Communities - Public Safety - Reducing Crime)

Larry believes that proactively engaging at-risk youth before they enter the corrections system is the most effective form of criminal justice. For decades he has guided and mentored young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

  • Rethink our criminal justice system as a restorative, not punitive-mechanism.
  • Reevaluate cash-bail and other aspects of the system that criminalize poverty.
  • Create re-entry programs that positively support individuals, and decrease chances of recidivism. 
  • Legalize cannabis and expunge records of related charges.
  • Strongly encourage implementation of pre-arrest diversion programs for people with substance abuse issues (like New Castle County’s Hero Help program).

Healthcare and the opioid crisis

Healthcare should be a human right. As costs surge, and the opioid crisis continues to harm our communities, Larry believes strong and pragmatic leadership is needed for a healthy Delaware.

  • Fight for a Medicaid buy-in plan, or a public option for Delaware.
  • Work to ensure that addiction is treated as any other illness, and that resources are available for treatment.
  • Advocate for all children to have access to free mental health services.
  • Ensure that Narcan is easily available through increased funding.

Environmental Justice

The environment is critically important to residents of the 7th District, especially with the prospect of expanded development along our coastline. As your State Representative, Larry will work with legislators to develop, implement, and enforce sustainable environmental policies, maintaining the Coastal Zone Act, and reducing pollution. 

  • Push for a Green New Deal in Delaware that will bring green jobs and sustainability to our district.
  • Stand up for the Coastal Zone Act and ensure it is strengthened.
  • Transition Delaware to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible.
  • Push for a statewide version of the Oct. 19th City of Wilmington Resolution he helped to craft, encouraging DNREC to incorporate Cumulative Heath Impact Studies when approving heavy industrial applications

Gun Violence

Larry, like most Delawareans, knows several people who have lost their lives to gun violence. On December 30th, there was an armed carjacking at our local Food Lion, and there were 2 shootings in Overlook Colony this Spring. We need a State Rep that connects with our vulnerable communities impacted by gun violence.  Larry will introduce simple, yet effective common sense responsible gun ownership reform in the state. 

As your state representative Larry will:

  • Introduce a waiting period to obtain a firearm after the initial purchase period
  • Expand effective, evidenced-based community policing programs
  • Advocate for restriction of large capacity ammunition magazines